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And after tucking in to all that lovely grub at Pie in the Sky, perhaps she'll consider releasing a punk version of Food, Glorious Food from the musical Oliver
Tickets are available for: Breakfast in the Sky - PS50 per head; Lunch in the Sky - PS125 per head; Champagne High Tea - PS65 per head; Pie in the Sky - PS65 per head; Dinner in the Sky - PS200 per head; Quayside Gin Tasting - PS75 per head; Nightscape Cocktails - PS75 per head.
John Whalley, business development manager at Chicopee, comments, "We have been supporting FoodCycle since the launch of the J-Cloth3000 a number of years ago, and we are proud to now also be providing our cleaning cloths for Pie in the Sky.
The fourth book in a series, Pie in the Sky takes a quiet, meandering look into the daily life of twelve-year-old horse lover, Abby Lovitt.
ENGLAND'S World Cup hopes may seem to be pie in the sky but one Birmingham pub is still feeling Fabio with a special pastry delicacy on the menu.