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v. pierced, pierc·ing, pierc·es
1. To cut or pass through with or as if with a sharp instrument; stab or penetrate.
2. To make a hole or opening in; perforate.
3. To make a way through: The path pierced the wilderness.
4. To sound sharply through: His shout pierced the din.
5. To succeed in penetrating (something) with the eyes or the intellect: Large glowing yellow eyes pierced the darkness.
To penetrate into or through something: The rocket pierced through space.

[Middle English percen, from Old French percer, probably from Vulgar Latin *pertūsiāre, from Latin pertūsus, past participle of pertundere, to bore through : per-, per- + tundere, to beat.]

pierc′er n.
pierc′ing adj.
pierc′ing·ly adv.


n (= body piercer)Piercer(in) m(f)
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They were not long about beginning, and Mars piercer of shields opened the battle.
It must be a piercer, if it finds its way through your heart,' said Mr.
Jeanette Seed huddersfield examiner Piercer Les Clancy says Huddersfield University has banned him from promoting his body piercing store Silver Lining to new students As a student who attended this university and freshers etc, I think there are too many flyers and bits of rubbish anyway.
The professional body piercer said: "It is something different and a lot more interesting than just going to the pub.
It comes with major additional options, such as a barcode reader, a can piercer (for testing bottles and cans) or Bluetooth capabilities.
Inkhaus' piercer has also undergone a great deal of training and is experienced in body piercing, skin divers and microdermals.
When I did eventually get it pierced, two years later, the piercer (piercist?
This was after the piercer made a hash of things and had to make two attempts at the left lobe.
Body piercers usually train through an apprenticeship with a skilled and experienced piercer.
The involvement of a parent or guardian should help to reduce the impact of pressure from friends to have a cosmetic piercing, help the young person choose a reputable piercer and will hopefully lower the incidences of post-procedure complications.
Former body piercer Warren Deane, 41, had confronted the driver he suspected of fly-tipping near his home.
But the star, who was one of the main characters in RTE's version of The Hills, hasn't let fame go to her head and is still working as a piercer.