(pē-ā′zō-rĭ-zĭs′təns, pī-ē′zō-)
Electrical resistance of a substance that varies as a function of mechanical stress on that substance

pi·e′zo·re·sis′tive adj.
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Piezoresistance is a passive phenomenon that can be used for sensing of load/pressure through variations in a material's electrical resistance.
The focus of this study is on piezoresistance observed in composite materials containing conductive fillers.
Nanocomposites based on stiff polymers like epoxy [12-14], polysulfone [15, 16], and polyimide [17, 18], filled with carbon based nanoparticles have been investigated for tensile piezoresistance, primarily for strain sensing applications (e.
This paper deals with the design of pressure sensor with piezoresistance as the sensing element.
As liquid has viscous force it will oppose the deflection of diaphragm and thus piezoresistance placed over the diaphragm gets stressed and the change in resistance is measured.
The sensor uses piezoresistance in a full bridge circuit to detect pressure, and requires just two pins to measure differential voltage.
Capacitance, Piezoresistance, piezoelectric and resonance frequency are among the sensing principles depending upon the mechanical properties of the devices.
The theory behind piezoresistance involves implanting strain-sensitive resistors in silicon and obtaining much higher sensitivities than can be obtained using other comparable approaches.
How Omron's MEMS absolute pressure sensor measures air pressure Omron's MEMS absolute pressure sensor employs piezoresistance technologies which the company has cultivated through long years of developmental work on digital blood pressure monitors.
The time-dependent change of resistance under constant stress or strain was found to be the succession of the previous pressure-dependent piezoresistance.
The TDH 30 uses piezoresistance technology in a stainless steel encasement.
Piezoresistance accelerometer is widely used in automobile industry, so it has the fastest growth among the three kinds of accelerometers.