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Noun1.pig farm - a farm where pigs are raised or keptpig farm - a farm where pigs are raised or kept
farm - workplace consisting of farm buildings and cultivated land as a unit; "it takes several people to work the farm"
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The fire services rescued eight sheep which were trapped in sludge near an abandoned pig farm in Orounda village in the Nicosia district on Sunday.
Project Objectives:Harmonization and implementation of biosafety measures on family pig farms and improval of awareness of the small family pig farm owners and also awareness of the staff with various professions who are involved in pig breeding, production of pork products, hunting and others, in order to reduce the risk of classical swine fever appearance and prevention of spreading the disease.
I WATCHED Vet School recently when the PDSA inspected a pig farm where pigs were kept in the most unnatural conditions.
A PIG farmer has submitted plans for what is said to be the UK's biggest pig farm.
The future of the pig farm certainly looks brighter.
Israeli company AGRIGO recently completed the establishment of an integrated pig farm in Belarus, a complex project with an investment scope of[euro]17 million.
Where the school is now used to be a pig farm, which the children found really interesting.
Such projects as the pig farm and the children's home help us to focus our efforts.
Minister of Environment, Muhammad Rahal, has been reported today from the Prosecutor General for Environmental Affairs in North, Wael Hassan, that a pig farm has been closed off today in Alali region of Batroun.
They visited a pig farm, a Parma ham factory and an Italian supermarket, and also attended the Tutto Food Exhibition in Milan, one of the most important trade fairs in Europe, where HCC was attending the event as part of its drive to promote Welsh Lamb and Welsh Beef around the world and increase the level of exports.
NO one seems to be drawing attention to the fact the swine flu outbreak in Mexico started in a village next to a huge pig farm owned by a US firm specialising in intensive farming.
According to the AP, at one large pig farm located north of the capital, farmers refused to cooperate with Health Ministry officials who came to slaughter the animals and they left without carrying out the order.