pigeon droppings

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Noun1.pigeon droppings - droppings of pigeons
droppings, dung, muck - fecal matter of animals
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Pigeon droppings can deteriorate the bricks of buildings and a build-up of feathers can cause water damage by blocking pipes and guttering.
One collector paid PS200 for four empty cardboard boxes covered in pigeon droppings because they had labels on from manufacturer Palitoy indicating they once contained Star Wars toys.
The benefits relate mainly to the removal of three types of soils: urine, pigeon droppings, grease stains.
Four years on, Halsall laughs at the memory of Delhi where stomach upsets were rife - it was claimed due to pigeon droppings in the pool.
They're installed within Unistrut channels with polycarbonate lenses, which mask glare from the nodes and protect the strings from vandalism, dust, sand and even pigeon droppings, as the team discovered during construction.
Some of the successful initiatives of schools in the past have included replacing tube lights in schools with energy-efficient light bulbs, reducing energy consumption by 15 per cent; recycling waste and introducing fabric bags in lieu of plastic bags; using coarse sand to filter used water for the school garden; and turning the problem of unsightly pigeon droppings into an environmental solution by using the droppings as fertiliser to grow plants and fruits.
Dubai: Pigeon droppings in homes and offices can lead to major health problems, experts have warned.
June 7, 1991: Tenants in Huddersfield's Imperial Arcade were complaining that pigeon droppings were ruining their shop fronts and creating a hazard for pedestrians.
Avoiding pigeon droppings was a skill Wembley punters needed to master as much as winner-finding, and the only way Hypnotic Stag, the 8-13 favourite, could lose the 1993 Blue Riband was by making a total mess of the start.
Pigeon droppings are not just unsightly - the acid effect eats away at soft stone causing costly long-term damage.
Jones had been transferred from Wrexham's branch because pigeon droppings affected her asthma, and she moved to Flint where she met the victim.
It is at the point now where my children are unable to play in our back garden due to the amount of pigeon droppings, making it a health risk to them.