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n. pl. pigfish or pig·fish·es
A grayish grunt (Orthopristis chrysoptera) of the western Atlantic Ocean, often used as bait.

[From the grunting sound it makes.]


n, pl -fish or -fishes
1. (Animals) Also called: hogfish any of several grunts, esp Orthopristis chrysopterus, of the North American Atlantic coast
2. (Animals) any of several wrasses, such as Achoerodus gouldii (giant pigfish), that occur around the Great Barrier Reef



n., pl. -fish•es, (esp. collectively) -fish.
a grunt, Orthopristis chrysoptera, living in waters off the Atlantic coast of the southern U.S.
[1800–10, Amer.]
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Noun1.pigfish - found around the Great Barrier Reefpigfish - found around the Great Barrier Reef
wrasse - chiefly tropical marine fishes with fleshy lips and powerful teeth; usually brightly colored
Achoerodus, genus Achoerodus - a genus of Labridae
2.pigfish - found from Long Island southwardpigfish - found from Long Island southward  
grunt - medium-sized tropical marine food fishes that utter grunting sounds when caught
genus Orthopristis, Orthopristis - a genus of Haemulidae
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Caption: Hamilton "Hambone" Aldredge with his first redfish caught with a live pigfish in Wild Goose Lagoon near Panama City.
The most abundant species caught in the fyke and seine nets (silver perch, American eels, spot, Atlantic silversides, pigfish, black sea bass, and mature blue crabs) are those that move freely among the habitats that we sampled.
Similar to the other estuaries with stations located in seagrass and nearshore sandy areas, the numerical dominate juvenile fish in Choctawhatchee Bay (1992-1995) were pinfish (Lagodon rhomboides), spot (Leiostomus xanthurus), pigfish (Orthopristis chrysoptera), and tidewater silverside (Menidia spp.
Good 7 -- Bodianus unimaculatus, Pigfish Good -- -- Ophthalmolepis lineolatus, Maori Wrasse Okay -- -- Pseudolabrus tetricus, Purple Wrasse *** ?
The bay offered plenty of fish to eat--pinfish, pigfish, spot and mullet were all on the menu--and the temperature didn't get too cold.
Pigfish have just finished a stint as Marky Ramone's backing band on several of his UK dates and for lead singer and guitarist Russ Frame it has been a dream come true.
ROCK/POP - Today: Xposure Rock Cafe, Fletcher's Walk 0121 212 0712: Pigfish.
Chemoreception and feeding behavior in the pigfish, Orthopristis chrysopterus: characterization and identification of stimulatory substances in a shrimp extract.
River guides like Peter Deeks and Glyn Austin, who are known for putting clients on trophy snook and trout, know the locations of those features and that's where they use sizable mullet, croakers, and pigfish.
mitchilli, pigfish Orthopristis chrysoptera, gray snapper Lutjanus griseus, and spot Leiostornus xanthurus) may have affected the community structure during these seasons.