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n. pl. pig·sties
1. A usually covered enclosure for pigs.
2. Informal A dirty or very untidy place.


(ˈpɪɡˌstaɪ) or


n, pl -sties
1. (Agriculture) a pen for pigs; sty
2. Brit a dirty or untidy place



1. a pen for keeping pigs.
2. a filthy or flagrantly untidy place.


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Noun1.pigsty - a pen for swinepigsty - a pen for swine      
pen - an enclosure for confining livestock
زَريبَة أو حَظيرَة الخَنازيرمكان قَذِر، مِثْل الزَّريبه
chlívprasečí chlívek
dağınık yerdomuz ağılı/ahırımezbelelikpis


[ˈpɪgstaɪ] Npocilga f, porqueriza f


[ˈpɪgstaɪ] n (mainly British)
(= pigpen) → enclos m à cochons
(= tip) → porcherie f
It's a pigsty in here! → C'est une porcherie ici !


[ˈpɪgˌstaɪ] n (also) (fig) → porcile m


(pig) noun
1. a kind of farm animal whose flesh is eaten as pork, ham and bacon. He keeps pigs.
2. an offensive word for an unpleasant, greedy or dirty person. You pig!
ˈpiggyplural ˈpiggies noun
a child's word for a (little) pig.
like a pig's. piggy eyes.
ˈpiglet (-lit) noun
a baby pig.
piggybackpickabackˌpigˈheaded adjective
stubborn. a pigheaded idiot.
ˌpigˈheadedness noun
ˈpigskin noun, adjective
(of) a kind of leather made from the skin of a pig. Her purse was (made of) pigskin.
ˈpigstyplural ˈpigsties, ~ˈpigstyes noun
1. a building in which pigs are kept.
2. a dirty, untidy place. This room is a pigsty!
pigswillswillˈpigtail noun
a plait usually worn at the sides of the head. She wears her hair in pigtails.
pigs might fly
said of something very unlikely to happen. `We might have fine weather for our holidays.' `Yes, and pigs might fly!'
References in classic literature ?
It is nothing but a pigsty; a pigsty with a wattled fence around it.
I left Sandy kneeling there, corpse-faced but plucky and hopeful, and rode down to the pigsty, and struck up a trade with the swine-herds.
There was once a fisherman who lived with his wife in a pigsty, close by the seaside.
When the fisherman went home to his wife in the pigsty, he told her how he had caught a great fish, and how it had told him it was an enchanted prince, and how, on hearing it speak, he had let it go again.
said she; 'is not this much better than the filthy pigsty we had?
I think instead of Lazarus at the gate, we should put the pigsty cottages outside the park-gate.
I passed the day in a ditch, and the night in a pigsty.
The invitation offered an agreeable distraction to Maggie's grief, and her tears gradually subsided as she trotted along by Luke's side to his pleasant cottage, which stood with its apple and pear trees, and with the added dignity of a lean-to pigsty, at the other end of the Mill fields.
It is now a holiday property but originally Squire Barry built it in 1883 as an elaborate pigsty for his two pampered sows.
After George Mills died in his 80s last Christmas, the trust which runs the site decided to raise funds in his memory to restore the old pigsty building he had used as a store.
Villagers rallied round to transform a pigsty into a classroom and set about teaching these young people practical skills.
Recently, emerging from my long winter seclusion, I observed a convertible sports car, with the top down, so bespattered with bumper stickers that I couldn't tell whether the driver had taken it through campaign headquarters or a pigsty.