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1. A braid or ponytail, especially one of a pair worn one on each side of the head.
2. A short length of wire used to connect other wires to each other or to an electrical device.
3. A twisted roll of tobacco.

pig′tail′ v.
pig′tailed′ adj.
References in classic literature ?
With which the General gave his young friend a finger to shake, and a good-natured nod of his powdered and pigtailed head; and the door being closed upon Dobbin, sate down to pen a poulet (he was exceedingly vain of his French) to Mademoiselle Amenaide of His Majesty's Theatre.
What better when feeling angry than to look at them variously as cowardly lions and tin men and pigtailed girls from Kansas?
John is shown as a pigtailed young man in eighteenth-century knee breeches and buckled boots.
And while Trey Songz put in a very impressive turn to kick the night off, he was no match for a pigtailed young girl to the side of the stage.
Charming whimsical illustrations in perky pastel tones depict a pigtailed girl always accompanied with her yellow striped cat in her imitative explorations.
Pigtailed sister Flora, matched beautifully by Rebecca Marine, also played a convincing role.
Along the way Bobby is distracted by sexy Sue while pigtailed and bespectacled Laura pines away.
Modeling Functional Cure of HIV in Nonhuman Primates Using Gene-Modified Hematopoietic Stem Cells Wednesday, March 5 (Poster); Thursday, March 6, 2014 (Themed Discussion) To better understand the mechanism of hematopoietic stem cell (HSC)-driven HIV control, researchers in collaboration with Sangamo scientists developed a model of ART-suppressed HIV infection in the pigtailed macaque which is applicable to an HSC-transplant-based cure strategy such as our SB-728-HSC application.
As one observer noted, it would be easy to imagine a pigtailed Clark rounding up votes in the schoolyard for the game the kids would play at recess.
But Silverman, whose persona has always been that of the adorable, pigtailed child-woman, defended herself recently after some younger male comics mocked her as a crone, in Hollywood terms.
The others are rooted in found or family photographs, including a self-portrait of the pigtailed artist at age seven.