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or pile-up  (pīl′ŭp′)
1. Informal A serious collision usually involving several motor vehicles.
2. An accumulation: "the pile-up of unsold autos" (New York Times).



1. a collision of several or many moving vehicles.
2. an accumulation, as of chores or bills.
3. a rough or disorderly falling of people upon one another, as in a football game.
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Noun1.pileup - multiple collisions of vehiclespileup - multiple collisions of vehicles  
collision - an accident resulting from violent impact of a moving object; "three passengers were killed in the collision"; "the collision of the two ships resulted in a serious oil spill"


or pile-up
Informal. A wrecking of a vehicle:
Informal: crackup.
hromadná srážka
lančani sudar
연쇄 충돌
tai nạn liên hoàn


إِصْطِدَام hromadná srážka harmonikasammenstød Massenkarambolage καραμπόλα choque en cadena ketjukolari carambolage lančani sudar tamponamento a catena 山積み 연쇄 충돌 kettingbotsing opphopning nagromadzenie choque em cadeia, engavetamento массовая автокатастрофа seriekrock รถชนกันหลายคัน yığılmak tai nạn liên hoàn 数辆车同时碰撞事件
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ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- At least three people were injured in a major pileup on one of the Istanbul's busiest highway in Istanbul's Pendik district.
Three people were killed and a state trooper was seriously injured in a pileup of about 50 cars and trucks in Ohio after a winter storm covered the Great Lakes region in ice and snow Wednesday afternoon, according to state and county officials.
Two people died and 25 were injured in a pileup involving 22 cars near Riyadh on Friday night.
Washington, Jumada I 20, 1434, Apr 1, 2013, SPA - Three people were killed and dozens were injured in a massive pileup on a highway in Virginia on Sunday, police said.
Summary: Muscat: Two motorists were killed and five others were injured in a car pileup near .
of Public Safety has shut down Interstate 10 in Southeast Texas after a 100-plus-vehicle pileup left at least 35 people injured and one dead, according to (http://abcnews.
Summary: The sandstorm that reduced visibility across the UAE on Thursday morning caused a 23-vehicle pileup on Dubai Bypass Road in which at least nine people were injured.
The automaker has also developed a technology capable of detecting a sudden slowdown in two vehicles ahead while running on roads including highways and provides an alert to the driver, thereby helping prevent a pileup.
27, 2010 (TAP) - At least 21 people, including 14 children, have died in a pair of traffic accidents in China, one a pileup of more than 100 cars in foggy weather.
Durcan said: "The horse in front of me hit the floor and I was right behind him and unable to swerve around, so I went over him and it was just a pileup, one of those things.
CAMARILLO - Two drivers were hospitalized Friday and the southbound Ventura Freeway closed after a pileup triggered by a speeding pickup that flipped over the center divider, officials said.
Still, the citizens of this polyglot boiling pot are not one-dimensional bigots, and Matt Dillon and Sandra Bullock's portrayals of spiteful but complex characters are as tough to turn away from as a 16-car pileup.