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(pɪlˈɡɑːlɪk) or


1. obsolete a bald head or a man with a bald head
2. dialect a pitiable person
[C16: literally: peeled garlic]


(pɪlˈgɑr lɪk)

1. a person regarded with mild or pretended contempt or pity.
2. Obs. a baldheaded man.
[1520–30; earlier pyllyd garleke literally, peeled garlic, (metaphorically, a bald man); see peel1, garlic]
pil•gar′lick•y, adj.
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The previous year he guided Lean Forward to a completion in 13th, trailing home brother Richard, who partnered National stalwart The Pilgarlic to finish fifth.
1 BONANZA BOY 2 THE PILGARLIC 3 COMMANCHE RUN 4 SILVER BUCK 5 VENTURE TO COGNAC I'M disappointed to read the amount of stick Victoria Pendleton has been copping for trying to realise her dream of riding at Cheltenham this year.
The likes of The Pilgarlic in the 70s when I was watching it growing up.
And Logothetis, pilgarlic and unassuming, brings out the best in those around him.
If clueless, you could always rely in days gone by on Aintree oldstagers like The Pilgarlic and Spanish Steps to reward an each-way dabble.
The equine heroes are not forgotten either and there are mentions for the likes of Freddie, Black Secret, Spanish Steps, The Pilgarlic, Rough And Tumble and Greasepaint.
The Pilgarlic, which he had beaten 48 lengths the year before, was only beaten three or four lengths in the race.
A bald person is defined as pilgarlic, while the word gammerstang is used to describe a woman who is tall and awkward - the word first appeared in the late 16th Century.
This is my selection: Vicario Di Bray, Venture To Cognac, Border Incident, Apalachee, Giacometti, Commanche Run, Timeless Times, Silver Buck, The Mighty Mac, The Pilgarlic, Sabin Du Loir, W Six Times, Chimes Of Freedom, Indian Skimmer.
He never rode a Grand National winner but one of his favourite horses, The Pilgarlic - who finished in the top five in the National four times in a row - was stabled at his home.
It's the likes of The Pilgarlic and Spanish Steps (left), who help make it the greatest race in the world.