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Having the form of a hair.

[Latin pilus, hair + -form.]


(Botany) botany resembling a long hair


(ˈpɪl əˌfɔrm)

having the form of a hair; resembling hair.
[1820–30; < New Latin piliformis. See pilus, -i-, -form]
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1 and 2) with vestiture of vertex appressed with piliform scales; frons with elongate scales; ocelli absent [Meyrick (1905) erroneously stated that Stachyotis possessed ocelli on the head]; antenna filiform in both sexes; flagellomere with 2 whorls of elongate scales; labial palpus slightly upcurved, 1st segment 2 x as long as 2nd, 2nd segment as long as 3rd; maxillary palpus 4-segmented; proboscis naked.
Diagnosis: head with white and black scales, palps with brownish and whitish mixed scales, with piliform scales in the outer border, inner border with white piliform scales, antennae biserrate, eyes ciliate, vertex with whitish, blackish and with scales and the black line across, tegulae and patagiae covered with white mixed with dark brown and brownish scales and piliform scales.