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 (pē′lē-ən, -ôn′), Mount
A peak, 1,624 m (5,328 ft) high, of northeast Greece in eastern Thessaly. According to Greek legend, it was the home of the centaurs, especially Chiron.


(Placename) a mountain in NE Greece, in E Thessaly. In Greek mythology it was the home of the centaurs. Height: 1548 m (5079 ft). Modern Greek name: Pílion


(ˈpi li ən)
Mount, a mountain near the E coast of Greece, in Thessaly. 5252 ft. (1600 m).
pile (or heap) Pelion on Ossa,
a. to make matters worse; aggravate or compound a situation.
b. to engage in vain or futile efforts.
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THE stock market equivalent of piling Pelion on Ossa came last week with the news that one of the spread betting firms is now offering the equivalent of a three-horse accumulator.