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1. A cloth case stuffed with something soft, such as down, feathers, or foam rubber, used to cushion a part of the body, especially the head during sleep.
2. A decorative cushion.
3. The pad on which bobbin lace is made.
v. pil·lowed, pil·low·ing, pil·lows
1. To rest (one's head) on or as if on a pillow.
2. To serve as a pillow for: Grass pillowed my head.
1. To rest on or as if on a pillow.
2. To assume the shape of a pillow.

[Middle English, from Old English pyle, pylu, pylw-, from West Germanic *pulwī, from Latin pulvīnus.]

pil′low·y adj.


literary like a pillow or pillows; in shape, softness, comfort, etc


(ˈpɪl oʊ i)

like a pillow; soft; yielding.
References in classic literature ?
But this treating servants as if they were exotic flowers, or china vases, is really ridiculous," said Marie, as she plunged languidly into the depths of a voluminous and pillowy lounge, and drew towards her an elegant cut-glass vinaigrette.
End your meal with churros which are soft, pillowy pipes of flour dusted with cinnamon sugar and served with a chocolate dip.
Gradually add the buttermilk, a little at a time, mixing well to make a soft, pillowy dough.
Full and half-loaves are made in flavours ranging from pillowy white bread "milk toast" to delightfully bitter "green tea toast," any of which are delicious on their own or as the ultimate sandwich building blocks.
After about 5-8 minutes, the sweet potato's thin skin puffs to a crisp finish and inside you'll discover the sweet, pillowy deliciousness.
Rachmaninov's impossibly romantic Second Piano Concerto, the musical equivalent of a big, pillowy peony, played in gorgeous Technicolor by the orchestra, and with a lovely lightness by Ji Liu.
He stirred caramel sauce and marshmallow sauce and pillowy whipped cream.
The nature of using a loop pedal is unpredictable," he explains over a lunch of mac and cheese, referring to his technique of layering snaps, hums, and hisses into a pillowy soundbed for his crooning tenor.
A limb and loggy / Dim and soggy / Crusty cruddy / Dried up muddy // Leafy willowy / Not too pillowy / Place where you won't lay your head / But to a beaver it's a bed.
My haddock was superb, served with a tangy tartar sauce and a side order of chips, cooked twice, which gave them a decent crunch while still retaining the pillowy texture inside.
She pulled me in for a big pillowy hug as the [healer] looked on in approval, (http://allthingscampbell.
Taking its name from the thin, pressed-steel dish in which it is prepared and served, the balti is cooked over a high heat using vegetable oil instead of ghee and served with pillowy naans.