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Adj.1.pilosebaceous - of or relating to a hair follicle and its sebaceous gland
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Our preliminary studies in animals indicate that minocycline delivered by BPX-01 is efficiently absorbed into the skin, reaching the epidermis and the pilosebaceous region where acne develops," said Kin F.
It also reduces androgen effects at the hair follicle and the pilosebaceous unit, which decreases hirsutism and acne.
HS begins with follicular occlusion, followed by inflammation and, ultimately, rupture of the pilosebaceous unit.
Because the vulva contains a high density of apocrine and anogenital mammary-like glands relative to eccrine glands and pilosebaceous units, we suspect that the spectrum of neoplasms identified in the vulvar region would reflect the relative frequency of these structures.
Yamada A, Saga K, Jimbow K: Acquired multiple pilosebaceous cysts on the face having the histopathological features of steatocystoma multiplex and eruptive vellus hair cysts.
With regard to local synthesis, researchers argue that hair follicles are independent peripheral neuroendocrine organs capable of synthesizing relatively small amounts of cortisol in the pilosebaceous unit located in the hair follicles in response to ACTH (D'Anna-Hernandez et al.
Androgenic hormones are present within the pilosebaceous units of human skin have different inhibitory effects on the growth of some dermatophytes [3].
Acne is a skin condition involving the pilosebaceous follicles.
Histopathology revealed a polypoid mass lined with keratinized squamous epithelium overlying thickened fibrovascular tissue containing abortive pilosebaceous units and profiles of eccrine sweat glands and ducts (figure 2).