pilot project

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Noun1.pilot project - activity planned as a test or trial; "they funded a pilot project in six states"
trial, run, test - the act of testing something; "in the experimental trials the amount of carbon was measured separately"; "he called each flip of the coin a new trial"
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The pilot project is located on leased private property along Interstate 90 near the Beck Hill Road exit, about 6 miles north of Deer Lodge and 3.
Nabbi said that he strongly believes that this pilot project will strengthen the work of the IMU as well as the Internal Monitoring and Evaluation System of the Population Welfare Department.
The pilot project was implemented at two of Cyprus' most favourite beaches in the Famagusta district, namely the "Fig Tree Bay" and the "Nissi Beach".
Fact #2: All aspects of the TracFone pilot project application and the FCC selection process are a matter of public record.
This pilot project extends for a period of nine months from the start of the project and implemented by the two licensed operators, Omantel and Nawras.
We conceptualize the types of effects a pilot project can have in terms of biophysical and actor-network responses, knowledge development and diffusion.
Ahmedabad, February 8 (ANI): India on Sunday opened a pilot project to cut judicial bottlenecks by implementing electronic courts or E-courts in the country.
Working with Aker Kvaerner, GE has completed the conceptual design of a 12-MW subsea compressor, the largest ever developed for subsea applications, and is set to begin construction of the machine to be tested in the pilot project.
Management and Training Corporation Canada was chosen by the previous Conservative government to operate the Central North Correctional Centre in May 2001 as part of a five-year pilot project.
Officials from the three exchanges and DeCA signed a memorandum in November 2005 agreeing to institute a pilot project to sell film, one-time use cameras, and telephone cards at 10 commissaries in the continental United States.
The organization and structure of the EHS Core Center should reflect the goals of the center, encourage collaboration, develop and implement center-wide initiatives, and promote the use of shared resources and pilot project funds.
Dioceses not chosen to be a pilot project will still receive assistance in such areas as program planning.