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1. Nautical
a. The technique or act of piloting.
b. The fee paid to a pilot.
2. Aerial navigation by visual identification of landmarks.


1. (Navigation) the act of piloting an aircraft or ship
2. (Navigation) a pilot's fee
3. (Navigation) the navigation of an aircraft by the observation of ground features and use of charts


(ˈpaɪ lə tɪdʒ)

1. the act, occupation, or skill of piloting.
2. the fee paid to a pilot for his or her services.
3. the process of directing the movement of a ship or aircraft by visual or electronic observations of recognizable landmarks.
[1610–20; < French; see pilot, -age]


1. the act of piloting.
2. the skill or expertise of a pilot. See also dues and payment.
See also: Ships
a fee charged for piloting a vessel into or out of a harbor.
See also: Dues and Payment
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Noun1.pilotage - the guidance of ships or airplanes from place to placepilotage - the guidance of ships or airplanes from place to place
steering, guidance, direction - the act of setting and holding a course; "a new council was installed under the direction of the king"
instrument flying - navigation of an airplane solely by instruments
astronavigation, celestial navigation - navigating according to the positions of the stars
dead reckoning - navigation without the aid of celestial observations
bear down on, bear down upon - sail towards another vessel, of a ship
luff, point - sail close to the wind
weather - sail to the windward of
boat - ride in a boat on water
steam, steamer - travel by means of steam power; "The ship steamed off into the Pacific"
yacht - travel in a yacht
sail - travel on water propelled by wind; "I love sailing, especially on the open sea"; "the ship sails on"
beat - sail with much tacking or with difficulty; "The boat beat in the strong wind"
scud, rack - run before a gale
outpoint - sail closer to the wind than
wear round, tack - turn into the wind; "The sailors decided to tack the boat"; "The boat tacked"
wear ship - turn away from the wind; "The sailors decided it was time to wear ship"
ferry - travel by ferry
ferry - transport by ferry
ferry - transport from one place to another
raft - transport on a raft; "raft wood down a river"
barge - transport by barge on a body of water
2.pilotage - the occupation of a pilot
craft, trade - the skilled practice of a practical occupation; "he learned his trade as an apprentice"
References in classic literature ?
Oh, ho,' he says, very angry-like, 'so you was the smart Aleck thot fetched me thot letter from the owners: "We note item of fufteen pounds for pilotage ot Auckland.
Please explain thus onusual expunditure,' an' tull Captun Robinson, 'We beg tull advise you thot we conseeder thus pilotage an onnecessary expense.
Pilotage a dollar a foot on the draft of each vessel.
Nor would it have been an expectation of a hopeful kind, since a small part of his income was derived from the pilotage of timid women (mostly of a full habit and past the middle term of life) from Tellson's side of the tides to the opposite shore.
But the Ogre advanced under the pilotage of Ma, and Ma said,
You certainly can't use timing, although that and a little pilotage might get you close.
Un comite de pilotage a ete forme pour le suivi des activites communes.
8bn Egina Floating Production Storage and Offloading (FPSO) project being handled by the Lagos Deep Offshore Logistics Base (LADOL) at the LADOL's Free Zone in conjunction with Samsung Heavy Industry (SHI), would not be allowed to sail nto Nigerian waters following discrepancies noticed in its towage and pilotage services arrangement.
The ISPO Conference is a "great platform" for pilotage organizations to further examine concepts and techniques for improving their standards and upgrade their pilotage services, he said.
Cette structure procedera egalement a l'examen des 392 actions en cours d'execution, indiquees au bilan qui lui a ete transmis, lors de la rencontre de ses membres avec les representants du comite de pilotage du plan national pour la simplification et l'amelioration des procedures administratives, preside par le directeur general de la Fonction publique, Belkacem Bouchemal, a-t-on precise.
Defence and security company Saab has been awarded separate contracts from the Canadian Great Lakes Pilotage Authority and the Great Lakes Pilotage Division of the United States Coast Guard to upgrade their Great Lakes Pilot Management System to the latest version of Saab's KleinPilot, the company said.