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n. Nautical
An enclosed area, usually on the bridge of a vessel, from which the vessel is controlled when under way. Also called wheelhouse.


(ˈpaɪ lətˌhaʊs)

n., pl. -hous•es (-ˌhaʊ zɪz)
an enclosed structure on the deck of a ship from which it can be navigated. Also called wheelhouse.
[1840–50, Amer.]
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Noun1.pilothouse - an enclosed compartment from which a vessel can be navigated
bridge deck, bridge - an upper deck where a ship is steered and the captain stands
compartment - a partitioned section, chamber, or separate room within a larger enclosed area
conning tower - an armored pilothouse on a warship
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The RIBCRAFT Express 32 features a refined and highly functional interior/exterior pilothouse layout ideal for all weather exploring, cruising, commuting, and even working.
The owner was showing me around his new boat with great pride, and we ended up in the pilothouse, looking at the flat screen displays for the various systems and the navigation electronics.
When the ferry reached Maenggol Channel, notorious for fast currents, the captain was absent from the pilothouse, and a navigator and a helmsmen were in charge when it made a sharp turn, YTN TV said, citing investigators.
The wheel was within the shield, but the pilothouse was raised two feet above the shield deck, which was covered with one-inch iron bars.
The pilothouse is equipped with shock mitigating seating that features integrated work stations for the crew.
She has a raised pilothouse with accommodation for 11 guests in a five stateroom layout including an on deck split-level master suite.
has been awarded the IP Contact Center Market Challenger PilotHouse award from Nemertes Research.
The Carina had been slammed by a large wave, which broke the front starboard window to the pilothouse.
Nemertes Research Grants AT&T PilotHouse Awards in Carrier Ethernet, Internet Access, Managed Router, and SIP Trunking Services
In the pilothouse simulator, I tried my hand at piloting a speedboat, a Coast Guard vessel and a rowboat.
After a year of diplomatic entreaties, permission was granted on humanitarian grounds to remove the original bell from the pilothouse roof and replace it with a replica bell engraved with the names and position of the lost sailors.