pinch hit

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intr.v. pinch-hit, pinch-hit·ting, pinch-hits
1. Baseball To bat in place of a player scheduled to bat, especially when a hit is badly needed.
2. Informal To substitute for another in a time of need.

pinch hit n.
pinch hitter n.

pinch′ hit′

a hit made by a pinch hitter.


v. -hit, -hit•ting. v.i.
1. to substitute at bat for a teammate in baseball, often at a critical moment of a game.
2. to substitute for someone, esp. in an emergency.
3. to make (a hit) in pinch-hitting.
[1930–35, Amer.]
pinch′ hit′ter, n.
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He was said to be available to pinch hit in the just-completed series against the Twins, but never was used.
Garciaparra continued to receive treatment during Monday's season- opening loss to Atlanta in hopes he could be available to pinch hit, but he was never given clearance to do so.
Phillips was available to pinch hit Sunday, but wasn't needed.