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 (pĭn′sər) also pinch·er (pĭn′sər)
a. often pincers or pinchers A grasping tool having two parts hinged together to work in opposition.
b. One of the opposing parts in such a tool.
a. A claw resembling such a tool, as of a lobster or scorpion; a chela.
b. pincers or pinchers A pair of mandibles or other appendages used by certain arthropods for grasping, as the cerci of an earwig.
3. A military maneuver in which an enemy force is attacked from two flanks and the front.

[Middle English pinsours, pincers, from Anglo-Norman pynceour, from pincer, to pinch; see pinch.]
References in classic literature ?
The pincher," was his thought; "too miserly to burn two cents' worth of gas and save his boarders' necks.
I got this box at old Dives's sale," Pincher says, handing it round, "one of Louis XV's mistresses-- pretty thing, is it not?
I'll show I ain't a pincher," Nishikanta announced one day, after having broiled at the mast-head for five hours of sea-searching.
The Ironmen scored no fewer than seven tries through centre Aaron Pinchers, second row and shipper Craig Locke, wing Steffan Andrews, hooker Matthew Dwyer, outstanding flanker Joe Bearman, wing Kyle Evans and flanker Osian Davies.
com)-- BayView Entertainment, the number one studio for special interest, fitness, and dance DVD releases for over seven years*, presents a new feature film comedy from Korea, “Penny Pinchers,” coming to DVD on May 21, 2013.
One fed-up petrol station boss in the Midlands has his own way of dealing with the petrol pinchers.
SIMI VALLEY - Antique hunters are waiting to see what will become of Penny Pinchers, a huge emporium in the middle of Simi Valley where shoppers enter a time warp, unsure of what they will find.
His pounds 90,000-a-week wages don't suit the Parkhead penny pinchers, but that failed to register with punters desperate for new faces.
A sense of humour is important, and no penny pinchers please.
Earwigs are reddish brown beetle-like insects with sharp pinchers at the tail end.
GCG employees across the country participated in fundraisers such as penny pinchers, casual Fridays, GCG shirt and fleece jacket sales, and various functions sponsored by the company's employees.
And they're finding that people with some means are frequently the biggest penny pinchers around.