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v. pinched, pinch·ing, pinch·es
1. To squeeze (something) between the thumb and a finger, the jaws of a tool, or other edges.
2. To cause pain or discomfort to (a part of the body) by pressing or being too tight: These shoes pinch my toes.
3. To nip, wither, or shrivel: buds that were pinched by the frost; a face that was pinched with grief.
4. To cause to be in difficulty or financial distress: "A year and a half of the blockade has pinched Germany" (William L. Shirer).
5. Slang To take (money or property) wrongfully. See Synonyms at steal.
6. Slang To take into custody; arrest.
7. To move (something) with a pinch bar.
8. Nautical To sail (a boat) so close into the wind that its sails shiver and its speed is reduced.
1. To press, squeeze, or bind painfully: This collar pinches.
2. To draw a thumb and a finger together on a touchscreen to cause the image to become smaller.
3. To be frugal or miserly: If we pinch, we might save some money.
4. Nautical To drag an oar at the end of a stroke.
1. The act or an instance of pinching.
2. An amount that can be held between thumb and forefinger: a pinch of salt.
3. Difficulty or hardship: felt the pinch of the recession.
4. An emergency situation: This coat will do in a pinch.
5. A narrowing of a mineral deposit, as in a mine.
6. Informal A theft.
7. Slang An arrest by a law enforcement officer.
adj. Baseball
Relating to pinch-hitting or pinch runners: a pinch single; a pinch steal of third base.
pinch pennies Informal
To be thrifty or miserly.

[Middle English pinchen, from Old North French *pinchier, variant of Old French pincer; akin to Italian pinzare, to sting, and Spanish pinchar, to prick, sting, all derived from a Romance imitative root pints- expressive of pinching or pricking.]
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he cried, "see what you have been hissing," and held up a little pig whose ear he had been pinching to make him utter the squeals.
Had all my pinching and saving brought me the equivalent of one of the many thrills which had been mine since I came among the oyster pirates?
Gripping and pinching a ball seems to be apparently the goal of the kinetic chain use for the throwing motion.
All this cheek pinching is quite unpleasant for your child.
This forms the inside of the pot by repeatedly squeezing or pinching the clay ball until it turns into a small bowl or pot, which can be manipulated into any shape of vessel or pot you desire.
Transferring fluids in healthcare applications can be a complicated procedure when trying to ensure there is no contamination from outside surfaces, Pinch valves offer a solution via a pinching mechanism that pumps the fluid through the tubing This article examines the technology, offers considerations for selection and highlights the types of tubing that are best suited for use.