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1. A small firm cushion into which pins are stuck when not in use.
2. An object of frequent criticism or hurtful treatment: "a hapless pincushion [who] contemplates registering a complaint with his girlfriend" (Village Voice).


(Knitting & Sewing) a small well-padded cushion in which pins are stuck ready for use


(ˈpɪnˌkʊʃ ən)

a small cushion into which pins are stuck until needed.
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Noun1.pincushion - a small stiff cushion into which pins are stuck ready for usepincushion - a small stiff cushion into which pins are stuck ready for use
cushion - a soft bag filled with air or a mass of padding such as feathers or foam rubber etc.
وِسادَة إبر ودَبابيس


[ˈpɪnˌkʊʃən] Nacerico m, almohadilla f


[ˈpɪnkʊʃən] npelote f à épingles


[ˈpɪnˌkʊʃn] n(cuscinetto) puntaspilli m inv


(pin) noun
1. a short, thin, pointed piece of metal used eg to hold pieces of fabric, paper etc together, especially when making clothes. The papers are fastened together by a pin.
2. a similar but more ornamental object. a hat-pin.
verbpast tense, past participle pinned
1. to fasten with a pin. She pinned the material together.
2. to hold by pressing against something. The fallen tree pinned him to the ground.
ˈpincushion noun
a small cushion or similar object into which pins are pushed for keeping.
ˈpinhole noun
a hole made by a pin. A pinhole camera does not need a lens.
ˈpinpoint verb
to place or show very exactly. He pinpointed the position on the map.
ˈpin-up noun
1. a picture of an attractive girl (or man), often pinned on a wall. He has dozens of pin-ups in his room; (also adjective) a pin-up girl.
2. the girl (or man). She's the favourite pin-up of the soldiers.
pin down
to make (someone) give a definite answer, statement, opinion or promise. I can't pin him down to a definite date for his arrival.
pins and needles
a tingling feeling in one's hands, arms, feet or legs. I've got pins and needles in my arm.
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In terms of specific blooms, the IFD forecast says roses, "especially garden roses mixed with old-time favorites like carnations," will be sought after, along with "bright flowers like gerberas and roses mixed with equally bright exotic flowers like pincushion protea and cymbidium orchids.
They carried beautiful bouquets of yellow pincushion protea and caspedia on armatures of pale yellow Matsumoto branches.
Collins assembles the flower arrangement - adding a large pink hydrangea, a white peony, purple phlox blooms and an exotic yellow pincushion protea - Sprout owner Cathy Walsh answers the ringing telephone and writes another order on a receipt pad.
A variety of flowers, plants and seeds will be used, including lavender dendrobs, pink pincushion protea, white queen Anne's lace, dark blue iris, light pink carnations, orange roses, yellow button mums, bronze fine cut strawflower, purple fine cut statice, red hanging amaranth, Kermit green mums, brown flax seed, green ground parsley flakes, black onion seed, green ground split pea, shiny grey silverleaf, red large kidney beans and cream corn husk, among many others.