pine grosbeak

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Noun1.Pine grosbeak - large grosbeak of coniferous forests of Old and New Worldspine grosbeak - large grosbeak of coniferous forests of Old and New Worlds
grosbeak, grossbeak - any of various finches of Europe or America having a massive and powerful bill
genus Pinicola, Pinicola - a genus of Fringillidae
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The Birds of Durham Heritage Project has organised a 2km autumn walk which will be looking at the common birds of the riverside habitats in and around Bill Quay, and it will focus on the history surrounding the finding of Britain's first Pine Grosbeak in this area.
corax Common Raven Uncompacted Homed Lark Erentophila alpestris Black-capped Chickadee Poecile atricapillus Uncompacted Dark-eyed Junco Junco hyemalis Uncompacted Snow Bunting Plectrophenas nivalis Uncompacted Snow Bunting Hard crusted Pine Grosbeak Pinicola enucleator Uncompacted House Finch Carpodacus mexicanus Uncompacted Common Redpoll Carduelis flammea Uncompacted Common Redpoll Uncompacted American Goldfinch C.
Pine Siskins are one member of a group of birds loosely known as the "winter finches;" other members include redpoll, evening grosbeak, white- winged crossbill, pine grosbeak, and red crossbill.
A PINE grosbeak - the largest European finch - recently strayed south from the forests of northern Scandinavia to the Shetland Isles.