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 (pīn′lănd′, lənd) also pine·lands (-ləndz)
A forested area in which pine trees predominate.


(Physical Geography) US land or an area covered with pine forest


(ˈpaɪnˌlænd, -lənd)

1. Often, pinelands. an area or region covered largely with pine forest.
2. the Pinelands, official name of the Pine Barrens.
[1650–60, Amer.]
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Anne roamed through the pineland alleys in the park and, as she said, let that great sweeping wind blow the fogs out of her soul.
com)-- Pinelands Brewing Company, South Jersey's newest craft brewery, will open its doors to the public on March 1, 2014.
This year, the $30,000 Grand Prize winners are the Pinelands Eco Scienteers from Little Egg Harbor, New Jersey, and the E.
10, a proposed 22-mile natural gas pipeline through the ecologically fragile New Jersey Pinelands region was rejected.
There is the Newark Basin with basalt, sedimentary rock, and glacial lakes; the highlands and valley and ridge forming gaps through the hard rock; and pinelands, beaches, and marches of the coastal plain.
The northern pine snake (Pituophis melanoleueus) occurs as a distinct population in the Pinelands of southern New Jersey.
For instance, the sheen of headlights on a wet freeway or a skunk hunkered in its burrow as the pinelands shrink around it.
Earlier approvals from the New Jersey Pinelands Commission amended a proposed MOA (memorandum of agreement) with Stafford Township and Ocean County.
To investigate how the environment shapes stream fish distributions, we examined darter utilization of different microhabitats in Mill Creek, a small tributary of the Sucarnoochee River flowing primarily through pinelands in southern Sumter County Alabama.
Several of my 60- to 80-year-old pines and spruces have been attacked and killed by a beetle I think is called the Pinelands woodborer.
Only close relatives were at his funeral in Observatory, near the family's Pinelands home outside Cape Town.

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