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n. pl. pin·er·ies
1. A hothouse or plantation where pineapples are grown.
2. A forest of pine trees.


n, pl -neries
1. (Horticulture) a place, esp a hothouse, where pineapples are grown
2. (Forestry) a forest of pine trees, esp one cultivated for timber


(ˈpaɪ nə ri)

n., pl. -er•ies.
1. a place in which pineapples are grown.
2. a forest or grove of pine trees.


 plantation of pine trees, 1831.
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The pinery had yielded only one hundred in the last year.
Pinery Boys: Songs and Songcatching in the Lumberjack Era
At sister club The Pinery just down Parker Road, the tennis bubble is busy, swimmers do laps and the staff prepares for Family Night.
The communal arrangements at the pineries may have been motivated in part by the harsh Wisconsin winters, and the pinery Mormons may have feared that the new arrivals in 1843 would be particularly vulnerable in the isolated milling camps.
Applications for one-off payments of up to $5000 are now open to community groups and organisations supporting community recovery after the Pinery fire.
25-27 November, South Australia's Mid North, at least 87 houses at Pinery (north of Adelaide) severely damaged or destroyed and 90000 hectares burned;
Volume One Key Tracks: Acres of Clams, Captain Kid, Lady Frankin's Lament and Pinery Boy
b) Cevresindeki cam ormanlari, cicek ve yemyesil bitki ortusuyle essiz guzelliklerin bulundugu bir tatli su goludur <<With the pinery, flowers and green vegetation around it, it is a freshwater lake having unique beauties>>.
Early work on the site, begun by Susan Rhodes, wife of the then hospital master and a garden historian herself, uncovered the remains of an 18th-century pinery, where pineapples were grown in a pit.
A double-header final rocks up 19th century Wisconsin river ballad The Pinery Boy, followed by a brooding, stormy cover version of John Martyn's Bless The Weather.
The first, Pinery Provincial Park, was selected because seven turtle species were listed as inhabiting the park.
Pinery Canyon Road (Forest Road 42) at the west Coronado National Forest boundary