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n. pl. pi·ne·ta (-tə)
An area planted with pine trees or related conifers, especially for botanical study.

[Latin pīnētum, pine grove, from pīnus, pine; see pine1.]


n, pl -ta (-tə)
(Botany) an area of land where pine trees and other conifers are grown
[C19: from Latin, from pīnus pine1]


(paɪˈni təm)

n., pl. -ta (-tə).
an arboretum of pines and coniferous trees.
[1835–45; < Latin pīnētum a pine wood =pīn(us) pine1 + -ētum suffix denoting a grove (of the plant specified)]


 collection of pine trees, 1842.
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Noun1.pinetum - an area planted with pine trees or related conifers
tree farm - a forest (or part of a forest) where trees are grown for commercial use
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WELSH woodlands will find themselves in the national spotlight this year after a decision by the Royal Forestry Society to hold its Excellence in Forestry Awards in Wales, The awards will be presented in July at the Charles Ackers Redwood Grove and Naylor Pinetum in Leighton, near Welshpool.
At Cobb's Hill, in or around 1908, the Olmsted firm planted a pinetum of spruce and other evergreens on the eastern side, and on the west, a fringe of Austrian pine along the curving drive around the reservoir.
Examples include the Bedgebury Pinetum in Kent, which has a wheelchair walk.
These phytocoenoses were connected with fens or transitional mires (Drzymulska 2006a), which is different from contemporary bog associations containing dwarf birch - Sphagnetum magellanici (Kruszelnicki & Fabiszewski 2001) and Pinetum mughi betuletosum nanae Kastner & Flossner 1933 (Holman 1996).
Bedgebury National Pinetum and Forest, near Goudhurst (www.
Surface fires have destroyed the above-ground part of ground vegetation in Vaccinio-myrtillo Pinetum forests.
There's also the Bedgebury National Pinetum, which has a Go Ape.
Family flowers only, donations if desired to Pinetum Nursing Home, Valley Drive, Liverpool Road, Chester.
He is the son of the late Arthur Ross, an investment banker and philanthropist who donated heavily to the arts and is the namesake of the Arthur Ross Pinetum in Central Park.
Thayer was known for his interest in trees; he had a pinetum, an area dedicated to the cultivation of trees on the property.
In 1988, three acknowledgements were added to the Botanical (Colonial) Gardens in Wellington--the Hector Memorial lookout, a plaque, and a pinetum.