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Variant of piny.


1. of, relating to, having or consisting of, pine trees or pine
2. having a scent like pine


or pin•ey

(ˈpaɪ ni)

adj. pin•i•er, pin•i•est.
1. abounding in or covered with pine trees.
2. pertaining to or suggestive of pine trees.
References in classic literature ?
Those woods stretch unbroken over a vast region; and everywhere they are such dense woods, and so still, and so piney and fragrant.
Contract Awarded for Replace the WYO 351 bridge over the Green River about 7 miles east of Big Piney by Oct.
On the Gulf side of Piney Island, there are extensive grassflats that produce speckled trout.
Christopher Paul Curtis's THE MADMAN OF PINEY WOODS (9780545156646, $16.
the top GOP bundler of East Texas, said in a Thursday interview with The Texas Tribune that he will round up Piney Woods money for Bush.
2% abv beer is "generously dry hopped" with Starr Hill's hop cannon for a "complex aroma melding citrus, piney, floral, tropical, herbal and earthy notes.
21 (1882) Laurence Clifton Jones, the gifted educator known as the "Little Professor" of Piney Woods Country Life School, was born in St.
The Newman Group, a prominent resident and home sales team in Piney Orchard, has been accepted as a sponsor of the Piney Orchard street festival.
The channels are separated by a 560-foot wide strip of wooded land called Piney Point and continue southeast a short distance to where they join again at the north end of the city, turning south as one body to flow through it.
That evening, Piney was still in the same area he had been a month ago.
Roast flavours in the taste continue along with piney resin and more dark chocolate.
CHRISTMAS TREE (ABIES NORDMANNIANA) It has to be the Christmas tree this weekend, filling the house with that nostalgic piney scent.