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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: - of a color tinged with pink
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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The figurine also appears on the delicately shimmering pink-tinged mother-of-pearl dial.
If you're buying new stock suitable for forcing, consider the varieties Timperley Early, with its sweet champagne flavour, and Champagne, a reliable old-fashioned variety with long, slender, pink-tinged stalks that do not need peeling.
This is a tale about a girl, ballet and a much-loved animal, but is very far from the pink-tinged stereotype involving ponies and tutus you might be forming in your mind.
Clinical symptoms, as described above, change in the appearance of the blood in the circuit so that it appears brighter or less opaque, or is pink-tinged dialysate fluid in the case of gross hemolysis.
The perfume bottle sports a pink-tinged strip of silk like these.
But its pink-tinged colour, and the marching figures depicted, divided public opinion.
Diet Starts Monday, an experimental restaurant, debuted its "Pill Cosby" cocktail recently 6 a pink-tinged, tequila-based drink topped with pill capsules.
The cyst was pink and the cystic fluid had a serous, pink-tinged appearance.
Keith explained: "There are a variety of stone windows, both mullioned and arched, set within pink-tinged brickwork - the bricks were specially sourced from Northern Ireland to look old.
But coughing a lot or coughing up pink-tinged mucus can suggest heart failure.
I won't lie: It's not always easy--especially when I'm sitting next to one of my naturally tan besties at the beach, wishing I could trade my pink-tinged paleness for her olive everything.
This compact, free flowering, deciduous shrub grows to only 70cm (30"), with pink-tinged white petals surrounding a rosy pink eye.