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pink 1

1. Any of a group of colors reddish in hue, of medium to high lightness, and of low to moderate saturation.
a. Any of various plants of the genus Dianthus, such as sweet William, often cultivated for their showy, fragrant, usually pink, red, or white flowers. Also called dianthus.
b. Any of several other plants in the pink family, such as the wild pink.
c. A flower of any of these plants.
3. The highest or best degree: in the pink of health.
4. pinks
a. Light-colored trousers formerly worn as part of the winter semidress uniform by US Army officers.
b. The scarlet coat worn by fox hunters.
5. Slang A pinko.
adj. pink·er, pink·est
1. Of the color pink.
2. Slang Having moderately leftist political opinions.

[Early Modern English, flower of the genus Dianthus, perhaps from pink, to peer, blink, wink (probably from Dutch pinken, of unknown origin), or from pink (in reference to the jagged edge of the flower's petals ).]

pink′ness n.

pink 2

tr.v. pinked, pink·ing, pinks
1. To stab lightly with a pointed weapon; prick.
2. To decorate with a perforated pattern.
3. To cut with pinking shears.

[Middle English pingen, pinken, to push, prick, from Old English pyngan, from Latin pungere; see peuk- in Indo-European roots.]

pink 3

 (pĭngk) also pink·ie or pink·y (pĭng′kē)
n. pl. pinks also pink·ies Nautical
A small sailing vessel with a sharply narrowed stern and an overhanging transom.

[Middle English, from Middle Dutch pinke.]


(Textiles) someone or something that pinks leather, cloth, etc
References in classic literature ?
Volumnia, growing with the flight of time pinker as to the red in her face, and yellower as to the white, reads to Sir Leicester in the long evenings and is driven to various artifices to conceal her yawns, of which the chief and most efficacious is the insertion of the pearl necklace between her rosy lips.
Ablewhite stood up in the middle of the room, with his bald head much pinker than I had ever seen it yet, and addressed himself in the most affectionate manner to his niece.
Pinker show us that, for example, humankind has grown richer and less violent, most people now live in democracies, fewer people live in poverty and the world is about 100 times wealthier than 200 years ago.
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Once they turn duller and pinker, they have started to go over.
Steven Pinker begins a new book on writing by finding faults in old books on writing--chief among them, The Elements of Style, by William Strunk and E.