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Somewhat pink.

pink′ish·ness n.


(ˈpɪŋ kɪʃ)

somewhat pink.
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Adj.1.pinkish - of a light shade of red
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
مائِل إلى الوَرْدي
lidt lyserød


[ˈpɪŋkɪʃ] ADJrosáceo (Pol) → rojillo


[ˈpɪnkɪʃ] adjrosâtre


adjrötlich; pinkish whiteblassrosa


(piŋk) noun, adjective
1. (of) (any shade of) a colour between red and white. a dress of pink satin.
2. (of) the colour of healthy skin. pink cheeks; Her cheeks are pink with health.
ˈpinkness noun
ˈpinkish adjective
fairly pink; close to pink. The flowers of this plant are pinkish in colour.
References in classic literature ?
He went into the next room, sat down at my desk and wrote on the pinkish face of the portfolio the word, "Antonia.
The stone is brown, with a pinkish tint, and does not seem to stain easily.
There I found a seat of some yellow metal that I did not recognize, corroded in places with a kind of pinkish rust and half smothered in soft moss, the arm-rests cast and filed into the resemblance of griffins' heads.
These houses, solid marble palaces though they be, are in many cases of a dull pinkish color, outside, and from pavement to eaves are pictured with Genoese battle scenes, with monstrous Jupiters and Cupids, and with familiar illustrations from Grecian mythology.
The horizons were laced with long trails of frail, pinkish clouds.
I brought away specimens of one of the tufaceous layers of a pinkish colour and it is a most extraordinary fact, that Professor Ehrenberg [5] finds it almost wholly composed of matter which has been organized: he detects in it some siliceous-shielded fresh-water infusoria, and no less than twenty-five different kinds of the siliceous tissue of plants, chiefly of grasses.
He towered before her, enormous, deferential, cropped as close as a convict and this big pinkish poll evoked for me the vision of a wild head with matted locks peering through parted bushes, glimpses of naked, tawny limbs slinking behind the masses of sodden foliage under a cloud of flies and mosquitoes.
The low sun made the water all purple and pinkish, with golden lights on the barrels of the long swells, and blue and green mackerel shades in the hollows.
They had high hats, healthy pale faces, dark overcoats and shiny boots; they held in their gloved hands thin umbrellas and hastily folded evening papers that resembled stiff, dirty rags of greenish, pinkish, or whitish colour.
We saw this pinkish drift before realising with horror that they were starfish - thousands of them.
Mahaba Island, so-named for its elongated shape, has pinkish sand and sandbar at the center of its wide beach.
Tenders are invited for Babul Hardwood Size:200Mm X 200Mm X 3600Mm Colour Identification: Whitish Red Or Pinkish Brown To Reddish Brown.