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Adj.1.pinkish-orange - of orange tinged with pink
chromatic - being or having or characterized by hue
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amyemi with only brown patches on meso- and metapleura and without colored spots at base of tibial spines, just slightly darkened at most), and the more pinkish-orange tinge to the overall coloration in the males.
The most rare sapphire color is "padparadscha," a pinkish-orange tone.
As we continued walking towards his family's home, I could see the distinct outline of downtown Tel Aviv in the distance, which was highlighted against the pinkish-orange backdrop of the setting sun.
For Bocko, 1970, George's pet happily snoozes--hind legs splayed, setting off his pert, plum balls, his coat a palomino storm--tuckered out from playing with a reddish-orange toy ball, which echoes his testicles and the earthquake-cracked pinkish-orange wall.