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Adj.1.pinkish-white - of white tinged with pink
achromatic, neutral - having no hue; "neutral colors like black or white"
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spinosa is a perennial shrub with flashy leaves and white to pinkish-white large flowers.
They are pinkish-brown above and pinkish-white below, and have a tail that is longer than their body.
The perennial plant bears rounded, fleshy leaves and large white to pinkish-white flowers, which are complete, sweetly fragrant, and showy, with four sepals and four white to pinkish-white petals, and many long violet-coloured stamens, and a single stigma usually rising well above the stamens.
But after eons of cave life, olms (Proteus anguinus) have become mostly pinkish-white beasts, about 30 centimeters head to tail, that spend long lifetimes (maybe 70 years) slinking in cold, subterranean water.
The cut surface of the mass was pinkish-white with no areas of necrosis.
Bacchus Kriekenbier is deep blood-red in colour and pours with a pinkish-white head.
He looked all right, he had his pinkish-white colour, but as if he was asleep.
The green algal bloom that has regularly coated the island's waters in recent years is back, tarring the pristine pinkish-white sand that has made Boracay justly famous worldwide.
One man removed the pigs' pinkish-white brains by hand and plopped them into a plastic tub .
The tiny pinkish-white cub was born at 5:32 pm (2132 GMT), about two hours after its mother Mei Xiang's water broke, the zoo said.