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Adj.1.pinkish-white - of white tinged with pink
achromatic, neutral - having no hue; "neutral colors like black or white"
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Bacchus Kriekenbier is deep blood-red in colour and pours with a pinkish-white head.
He looked all right, he had his pinkish-white colour, but as if he was asleep.
The tiny pinkish-white cub was born at 5:32 pm (2132 GMT), about two hours after its mother Mei Xiang's water broke, the zoo said.
Historically, growers have sprayed their orchards with insecticide to prevent the pinkish-white, 3/4-inch-long larvae from holing up inside the fruit to feed, damaging it and ruining its marketability--both domestically and abroad.
A cameo version of Goya's Self-Portrait in the Studio, 1790-95, this work portrays the artist from the shoulders up, wearing his top hat, against a wash of pinkish-white brushstrokes.
The rare Brazilian fruit has a dark purple skin with a pearly pinkish-white flesh and has a flavor reminiscent of grape, blackcurrant, lychee, mangosteen and guava.
orientale, which produces long, narrow, pinkish-white flowerheads, and P.
Most of the plumage is pinkish-white, but the wing coverts are red and some of the feathers are black.
The nest contained three pinkish-white sparrow eggs and one speckled cowbird egg.
Flowers: Earlier; Open; horizontal or upright; drooping as capsules ripen, lip pinkish-white with green tip.