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pink 1

1. Any of a group of colors reddish in hue, of medium to high lightness, and of low to moderate saturation.
a. Any of various plants of the genus Dianthus, such as sweet William, often cultivated for their showy, fragrant, usually pink, red, or white flowers. Also called dianthus.
b. Any of several other plants in the pink family, such as the wild pink.
c. A flower of any of these plants.
3. The highest or best degree: in the pink of health.
4. pinks
a. Light-colored trousers formerly worn as part of the winter semidress uniform by US Army officers.
b. The scarlet coat worn by fox hunters.
5. Slang A pinko.
adj. pink·er, pink·est
1. Of the color pink.
2. Slang Having moderately leftist political opinions.

[Early Modern English, flower of the genus Dianthus, perhaps from pink, to peer, blink, wink (probably from Dutch pinken, of unknown origin), or from pink (in reference to the jagged edge of the flower's petals ).]

pink′ness n.

pink 2

tr.v. pinked, pink·ing, pinks
1. To stab lightly with a pointed weapon; prick.
2. To decorate with a perforated pattern.
3. To cut with pinking shears.

[Middle English pingen, pinken, to push, prick, from Old English pyngan, from Latin pungere; see peuk- in Indo-European roots.]

pink 3

 (pĭngk) also pink·ie or pink·y (pĭng′kē)
n. pl. pinks also pink·ies Nautical
A small sailing vessel with a sharply narrowed stern and an overhanging transom.

[Middle English, from Middle Dutch pinke.]
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Noun1.pinkness - the quality of being pink
pink - a light shade of red
det at være lyserød
bleikur litur


[ˈpɪŋknɪs] nroseur fpink pound npouvoir m d'achat des gayspink slip n
(US) (terminating employment)avis m de licenciement
(Australian) (= MOT certificate) → attestation f de contrôle techniquepin money n (British)argent m de poche


(piŋk) noun, adjective
1. (of) (any shade of) a colour between red and white. a dress of pink satin.
2. (of) the colour of healthy skin. pink cheeks; Her cheeks are pink with health.
ˈpinkness noun
ˈpinkish adjective
fairly pink; close to pink. The flowers of this plant are pinkish in colour.
References in classic literature ?
Marian's full face could not blush past its chronic pinkness.
And though frequently, when she looked in to bid me good-night, I remarked a fresh colour in her cheeks and a pinkness over her slender fingers, instead of fancying the line borrowed from a cold ride across the moors, I laid it to the charge of a hot fire in the library.
All he saw was the trumpery parasol that arched its pinkness above her giggling head.
One forgot his pinkness, his light cheerfulness of manner.
Entering the lounge upon arriving at the Pera Palace, I was overwhelmed by its strident pinkness.
I settled on the Lekker burger, which came as a 300g pure beef steak burger with bacon, cheese, grilled onion and pickle, medium cooked with just the right touch of pinkness and encased in a proper warm bun -- comfort food at its very best.
They may inspire poetry, but science offers an explanation for all the pinkness.
As with the members of the public, in the ordered logit model to explain serving preferences, chef preference for pinkness of served livers did not vary according to chef characteristics such as age, sex, and class.
I am obsessively fretful about under-cooked chicken, so perform a held-up-to-the-light autopsy on every mouthful to check for hints of rogue pinkness.
The meat balls were tender and slightly spicy, with just a hint of pinkness inside, all enveloped in the most scrumptious tomato sauce.
5 Stir fry the strips of steaks in the wok on a high heat until the pinkness has just gone and pile on top of the vegetables.
31 BEAUTY NOTES Pinkness, fancy new nail wraps and a clever new hairbrush