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pink·y 1

Variant of pinkie1.

pink·y 2

Variant of pink3.


or pink•y

(ˈpɪŋ ki)

n., pl. pink•ies.
Informal. the little finger.
[1585–95; < Dutch pinkie, dial. variant of pinkje, diminutive of pink little finger]
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Noun1.pinky - the finger farthest from the thumbpinky - the finger farthest from the thumb  
musculus abductor digiti minimi manus - the abductor muscle of the little finger
minimus - the fifth digit; the little finger or little toe
finger - any of the terminal members of the hand (sometimes excepting the thumb); "her fingers were long and thin"
References in classic literature ?
There were white-tusked wild males, with fallen leaves and nuts and twigs lying in the wrinkles of their necks and the folds of their ears; fat, slow-footed she-elephants, with restless, little pinky black calves only three or four feet high running under their stomachs; young elephants with their tusks just beginning to show, and very proud of them; lanky, scraggy old-maid elephants, with their hollow anxious faces, and trunks like rough bark; savage old bull elephants, scarred from shoulder to flank with great weals and cuts of bygone fights, and the caked dirt of their solitary mud baths dropping from their shoulders; and there was one with a broken tusk and the marks of the full-stroke, the terrible drawing scrape, of a tiger's claws on his side.
SHE's the one that knows her own mind," said Pinky, brother to Skim Winsh, and a Napoleon among carters who had helped to bring the grand piano across the fields in the autumn rains.
There is just a pleasant glow, a healthy freshness in his complexion - the warm, pinky tint of the whole harmonising with the deeper colour of the cheeks, exactly as it ought to do.
McDoodle, the Pink, or Pinky the Brute, I forget which," was James Williams's answer.
Badal duo should explain what stops them from releasing 96 Sikh prisoners languishing in Punjab jails, if they can prematurely release terrorist- turnedpolice officer Gurmeet, alias Pinky," Congress spokesperson Sukhpal Singh Khaira said.
Haj Bowfest 2014 winners, from left, Shirley Sagmit, Ester Santoc, Evelyn Santoc, Pinky Acato, Lourdes Punzalan and Aileen Miralbuna.
Japonesque Pro Performance Lipstick, in S4, PS15 @ John Lewis skintones, pinky, cranberry shades For medium skintones, pinky, cranberry shades work best with your skin's undertones.
When Pinky goes to the beach, she loves to build sand castles "It looks like a real castle," she said.
IT was Pinky Gerrard's pride and joy, the camper van she drove across Australia and went to great expense to ship back home.
A big hit was the book Pinky Pig and Friends created by Group 2 in the senior department.
Pinky Punky, the women's clothing store known for its fanciful apparel, is closing its doors after almost 40 years in Little Rock and its owners are retiring.
com)-- Indian Designer Pinky Saraf creates collections of Indian handbags and jewellery.