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Resembling a feather in having parts or branches arranged on each side of a common axis: pinnate leaves; pinnate gills.

[Latin pinnātus, feathered, from pinna, feather; see pet- in Indo-European roots.]

pin′nate′ly adv.
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Adv.1.pinnately - having a pinnate shape; "a pinnately compound leaf"
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Leave: The alternate leaves, 6-11 cm long, are pinnately compound with three to nine leaflets alternating on the rachis.
Subsequent fronds had oblong blades, with pinnately free veinlets, followed by the production of leaves with areolate venation (Fig.
The leaves of this wildflower are pinnately compound and do look somewhat like a ladder It has clusters of nodding, pale blue bell-shaped flowers.
frutescens is a perennial leguminous shrub with pinnately compound leaves and bright red flowers which produce inflated bladdery pods.
Pond apple has simple leaves, whereas mahogany has pinnately compound leaves with 6-8 leaflets per leaf (Watkins & Sheehan 1975; Wunderlin 1998).
Leaves are usually dark-green, glossy, evergreen, alternate, and pinnately compound.
Trailing or climbing by a twining rachis; fronds 1 to several meters long, pinnately divided; sporangia marginal on fingerlike projections developing from the pinnae margins.
Some species display both types of leaves in their lifetime: phyllodes in their youth and pinnately compound true leaves in their adulthood.
the leaf of the banana (Musa) or the Bird-of-Paradise Flower (Strelitzia) is pinnately veined.
Ailanthus presents large pinnately compound leaves with indeterminate growth, often yielding large swooping leaves that suggest its tropical origin (Fig.
They are also pinnately veined with entire margin and an acuminate or acute apex (GHP 1992).