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Any of various carnivorous aquatic mammals of the suborder (or superfamily) Pinnipedia, having flippers as organs of locomotion and including the seals and the walrus.

[From New Latin Pinnipedia, order name : Latin pinna, feather; see pinna + Latin pēs, ped-, foot; see -ped.]

pin′ni·ped′ adj.


(ˈpɪnɪˌpɛd) or


(Animals) of, relating to, or belonging to the Pinnipedia, an order of aquatic placental mammals having a streamlined body and limbs specialized as flippers: includes seals, sea lions, and the walrus
(Animals) any pinniped animal
[C19: from New Latin pinnipēs, from Latin pinna feather, fin + pēs foot]


(ˈpɪn əˌpɛd)

1. belonging to the Pinnipedia, a grouping of carnivorous aquatic mammals that have their limbs broadened and flattened into flippers, as seals and walruses.
2. a pinniped animal.
[1835–45; < New Latin Pinnipedia. See pinna, -i-, -ped, -ia]


Any of various carnivorous, aquatic mammals having long, smooth bodies and fin-like flippers for swimming. Pinnipeds include the seals and walruses.
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Noun1.pinniped - aquatic carnivorous mammal having a streamlined body specialized for swimming with limbs modified as flipperspinniped - aquatic carnivorous mammal having a streamlined body specialized for swimming with limbs modified as flippers
aquatic mammal - whales and dolphins; manatees and dugongs; walruses; seals
Pinnipedia, suborder Pinnipedia - seals; sea lions; walruses
seal - any of numerous marine mammals that come on shore to breed; chiefly of cold regions
sea horse, seahorse, walrus - either of two large northern marine mammals having ivory tusks and tough hide over thick blubber
pod - a group of aquatic mammals
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Running from Friday February 27 to Sunday March 1 the new event will highlight the conservation work being done to help native UK creatures as well as provide visitors with an insight in to seals, sea lions and other members of the pinniped family.
Surprisingly, mass mortality in pinniped populations infected with influenza has been observed for decades.
11) For example, in challenging the lethal take authority at Bonneville Dam, environmental groups argued that the negative effects of pinniped predation on salmonid populations are negligible when compared to direct human impacts, such as fishing and damming of the river.
Pinniped cervical vertebrae have large triangular neural canals; their zygapophyses are smaller and less pronounced than for the Manasquan vertebra; and their centra are elongated laterally rather than dorsoventrally.
1), arthropod scavengers of pinniped carcasses are likely to be important dietary items, as suggested by the high carbon and nitrogen stable isotope values (albeit only two individuals were analyzed, with [[delta].
Despite the proximity of the site to the huge Point Bennett rookery containing more than 50,000 seals and sea lions, pinniped bones have yet to be documented at the site.
Both California sea lions and harbour seals are part of the pinniped family, along with walruses.
A diverse array of marine mammal species strand in NC, reflecting the rich biodiversity of cetacean and pinniped fauna in nearby waters.
This article provides a review of influenza viruses in pinnipeds with the goal of increasing recognition of potential wildlife influenza epicenters, particularly in coastal centers with large pinniped populations.
The new finding could be the missing link in pinniped evolution, the researchers note.
HB3351 requires the department to "develop and implement a plan to control and reduce pinniped predation" on game fish in the Columbia River.
These marine sanctuaries support the world's largest and most diverse pinniped community.