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 (pĭn′yo͞ol) also pin·nu·la (pĭn′yə-lə)
n. pl. pin·nules also pin·nu·lae (pĭn′yə-lē′)
1. Botany One of the secondary divisions of a binnately compound leaf.
2. Zoology A small featherlike part or subdivision of an appendage, especially one of the small branches on the arm of a crinoid.

[Latin pinnula, diminutive of pinna, feather; see pet- in Indo-European roots.]

pin′nu·lar adj.
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Moran Cyathea pinnula (Christ) Domin Sphaeropteris brunei (Christ) R.
To draw this circle, two days before the eclipse we place this instrument facing the sun so that the size of [the circle of] the sunlight coming through the hole of the great pinnula and shining on the lesser pinnula is known.
5 Alsophila salvinii (f) Yes 6 3 Alsophila auneae (g) Yes 6 5 Cyathea spinulosa (d) No -- -- Cyathea pinnula (a) No 6 -- Alsophila erinacea (a) No 4 -- Alsophila setosa (e) No ?