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 (pĭn′yo͞ol) also pin·nu·la (pĭn′yə-lə)
n. pl. pin·nules also pin·nu·lae (pĭn′yə-lē′)
1. Botany One of the secondary divisions of a binnately compound leaf.
2. Zoology A small featherlike part or subdivision of an appendage, especially one of the small branches on the arm of a crinoid.

[Latin pinnula, diminutive of pinna, feather; see pet- in Indo-European roots.]

pin′nu·lar adj.


(ˈpɪnjuːl) or


n, pl pinnules or pinnulae (ˈpɪnjʊˌliː)
1. (Botany) any of the lobes of a leaflet of a pinnate compound leaf, which is itself pinnately divided
2. (Zoology) zoology any feather-like part, such as any of the arms of a sea lily
[C16: from Latin pinnula, diminutive of pinna feather]
ˈpinnular adj


(ˈpɪn yul)

1. a part or organ resembling a barb of a feather, a fin, or the like.
2. a secondary pinna, one of the pinnately disposed divisions of a bipinnate leaf.
[1585–95; < Latin pinnula, diminutive of pinna feather; see -ule]
pin′nu•lar (-yə lər) adj.
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Noun1.pinnule - division of a usually pinnately divided leafpinnule - division of a usually pinnately divided leaf
leaflet - part of a compound leaf