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Meal made of ground corn, often mixed with ground mesquite beans, chia seeds, sugar, or spices.

[American Spanish, from Nahuatl pinolli, mixture of vanilla powder, spices, and ground toasted chocolate beans.]


(Cookery) (in the southwestern United States) flour made of parched ground corn, mesquite beans, sugar, etc
[from American Spanish, from Nahuatl]
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Noun1.pinole - meal made of finely ground corn mixed with sugar and spices
meal - coarsely ground foodstuff; especially seeds of various cereal grasses or pulse
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There were six of us, in two boats, and to avoid suspicion we ran down after dark and dropped anchor under a projecting bluff of land known as Point Pinole.
The day the powder works blew up at Pinole, breaking every window in the school, he and she had not joined in the panic rush for out-of-doors.
The poster will be unveiled by Congressman George Miller (D-California), who chairs the House Education and Labor committee along with members of the CDC, the Oakland Raiders, San Francisco 49ers and local athletes on the football field at Pinole Vally (CA) High School.
Jesus Guijarro is profiled in the May 30 Alameda Times Star and the Pinole Sunday Times.
Joseph Mariotti, George Vincent, Jeff Rubin and the Pinole Historical Society's PINOLE (0738570427, $21.
Survived by beloved wife of 57 years, Nancy (Osborn); daughter Alice, husband Joseph Collins, children Ben and Anna, of Rutland, MA; son David, wife Michele King, children Marc and Emily, of Mountain View, CA; daughter Judith, husband Michael Farrell, son Joshua, of Pinole, CA; daughter Amy, husband William Cay, children Henry and Larisa, of Cambridge, MA.
1-up with a par on the 18th hole in the second round before a 2-and-1 victory over Jennifer Hirano of Pinole, Calif.
Pinole was incorporated in 1903 and is located in Western Contra Costa County.
Construction: Masterworks, Rob Murray, Pinole, CA (510/758-9566)
One doctor in Pinole, California, is a case in point.
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