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An employee or a mechanical apparatus that sets up pins in a bowling alley.


(ˈpɪnˌsɛtə) or


1. (Bowls & Bowling) a machine in a bowling alley that sets the pins into their correct positions
2. (Bowls & Bowling) a person in a bowling alley who sets the pins into their correct positions


(ˈpɪnˌsɛt ər)

a person or mechanical apparatus in a bowling alley that places the pins in position.
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We hope our lane and pinsetter installation will show a completely new potential customer just how fun bowling can be.
And though we've heard with fascination about the jobs of yesteryear like the pinsetter (the man who sets the bowling pins up after they've been bowled down), we are rather enthralled with the thought that many of the jobs that are being carried out now are either on their way out or are already irrelevant.
That little deaf kid who used to be a pinsetter at four bowling alleys growing up in Detroit -- straddling two lanes to set up pins for 10 cents a line -- couldn't be standing up here with the greats of the game being welcomed into their exclusive club.
Last October, Brunswick announced it would slash 750 jobs, move work to lower-cost Mexico, and close or sell some overseas assets, including a bowling pinsetter plant in China and 15 bowling centers in Asia, Brazil, and Europe.
I have never touched a bowling ball in my life, except as a teenage pinsetter.
He also worked at Couture's Bowling Alley as a pinsetter and at Labonte's Liquors over the years.
As announced earlier this month, we are closing a pinsetter plant in China; accelerating the consolidation of our German pinsetter plant into a new facility in Hungary; disposing of 15 retail bowling centers in Asia, Brazil and Europe; consolidating outdoor recreation warehouses and transferring certain component assembly to Mexico to achieve cost of goods competitiveness.
Facility actions in the bowling division include disposition of a pinsetter manufacturing plant in China and 15 retail bowling centers in Asia, Brazil and Europe, along with consolidation of sales offices.
The invention of the automatic bowling pin setter put tens of thousands of pinsetters out of work after World War II.
The candlepin pinsetters, which were original equipment from the 1950s, were taken apart and rebuilt, the interior of the facility was gutted and refinished in bright modern colors, a state-of-the-art automatic scoring system with automatic bumpers for the kids is nearly finished, the arcade was redesigned and the outside of the building received a facelift with a new entry, new signs and a bright paint job.
The physical facility category deals with the context of league participation primarily in responses concerned with the equipment and in this case, the lanes, pinsetters, lane conditions, and approaches.
Before automated pinsetters usurped their jobs, they sat on a perch at the end of the alley and then swooped down to replace any pins that had been knocked over.