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n. pl. pin·tos or pin·toes
A horse with patchy markings of white and another color.
Mottled; pied.

[Spanish, piebald, spotted, from Vulgar Latin *pīnctus, past participle of Latin pingere, to paint; see peig- in Indo-European roots.]


(Zoology) marked with patches of white; piebald
n, pl -tos
(Animals) a pinto horse
[C19: from American Spanish (originally: painted, spotted), ultimately from Latin pingere to paint]


(ˈpɪn toʊ, ˈpin-)

adj., n., pl. -tos. adj.
1. marked with spots of white and other colors; mottled; spotted.
2. a pinto horse.
[1855–60, Amer.; < American Spanish (obsolete Sp) < Vulgar Latin *pinctus painted; see pinta]


- As in horse and beans, it is Spanish for "painted, mottled, spotted."
See also related terms for spotted.
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Noun1.pinto - a spotted or calico horse or ponypinto - a spotted or calico horse or pony  
Equus caballus, horse - solid-hoofed herbivorous quadruped domesticated since prehistoric times
cavalo malhadomalhado


adj horsescheckig
nSchecke mf
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