pious platitude

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Noun1.pious platitude - insincere talk about religion or morals
talk, talking - an exchange of ideas via conversation; "let's have more work and less talk around here"
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The film shows the baseball maverick as both a tough-minded idealist and a shrewd businessman, one who insists the commandment to "Love thy neighbor" is more than a pious platitude to be followed according to personal whims or prejudices.
When these prelates eventually realise all is not well in Birmingham, we might get a pious platitude or so.
We learned to wait and pray -- not as a pious platitude, not as a religious way of avoiding real action, but in prayer which acknowledges we had reached the limits of human ability and were helpless to do anything else but rely on God.
Obama's staunchest critics view such statements as disingenuous, as pious platitudes designed to please a religious audience and deceive the public about his true beliefs.
Pious platitudes and judgements on morality based on often vacuous UK news reports are insufficient.
Pious platitudes and motions in the United Nations are of no avail because Russia has a veto.
Yes, we can "move forward in reconciliation," but not a word beyond pious platitudes is uttered as to the direction.
Pious platitudes have been tossed at the ailing series for years, but Bernard Brogan is deadly serious about putting right an old wrong.
Inevitably, some will lapse into pious platitudes along the lines of "a boost for Catholics", "a fresh start", "a prayerful time", "a heartening coming together of the faithful in support of Benedict".
The Muslim character would generally be an ugly looking guy with a false beard, chewing betel leaves, very oily, grovelling, a creepy person, who usually mouthed pious platitudes.
AaLike Pontius Pilate, they wash their hands of sixty years of associated guilt by reciting pious platitudes while concerned only with their own crumbling puny seats of power.