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Noun1.pipe cutter - a hand tool for cutting pipepipe cutter - a hand tool for cutting pipe  
hand tool - a tool used with workers' hands
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Tenders are invited for Pvc Pipe Cutter 1 5/8 Inch - 42 Mm Item No.
I contacted Jim Moore of HammerHead Trenchless Equipment about the cost of a pipe cutter that could cut a four-inch pipe," Curry said.
He was detained near the college with a rucksack containing tools including pliers, hacksaws, a pipe cutter, torches and a Stanley knife.
Having dealt with this type of issue before, Hydratight technicians had a solution: they remounted the pipe cutter to allow its brace points to be tightened asymmetrically to effectively distort the pipe and bring it back into tolerance.
At EFS, the mechanical and plumbing took kit covers a wide range like a service pressure gun, gauge manifold, vaccum pump, brazing set, drill machine, plier-spanner set, pipe cutter, pipe bender and various other tools.
The Sharmas have a separate construction business and they made the priest muck in as a loader, painter, electrician and pipe cutter.
Christian was aged three when his dad, Kenny made a small golf club using a pipe cutter, fitted a new grip and showed his son how to hold it.
Introducing RCM8 pipe cutter with two knife blades on a rotating cutting head.
Sierra at Tahoe bought a new pipe cutter machine capable of building a half pipe twice the size of conventional half pipes.
Located toward the back of the APC shop is another advancement, the automated plate and pipe cutter.
tape measure, pencil or pen, pipe cutter or hacksaw, fine steel wool, drill, Phillips screwdriver
Tool box essentials like a hack saw and a pipe cutter are handy, but when it comes to tackling bigger projects like cutting thick circular or rectangular pipe, or conduit, nothing beats the versatility of a cordless band saw.