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Noun1.pipe rack - a rack for holding a smoker's pipes
rack - framework for holding objects
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Tenders are invited for TTPS Preventive maintenance works to the existing condenser platform at Unit I & II and pipe rack support and staircase near GLR III.
Get creative, consider bedskirts, ottomans, old wine crates or even a PVC pipe rack.
A new main deck central pipe rack was fabricated and piping was installed to support topsides processing equipment.
The factory has been fitted out with a free-standing pipe rack network and the Cablofil steel wire tray has been fitted to this racking system above the production equipment.
A large 19th century foot bellows of wood and leather marked 'Alday's Birmingham' an Edwardian oak pipe rack with a tobacco draw, silver-topped walking sticks, a ceremonial swagger stick, a barley scoop and olive wood boxes will be found on this stall.
The first phase of the project includes construction of reinforced concrete foundations, pipe rack foundation and site preparation work for the process plant, as well as detailed excavation and backfill for these structures.
The plant contains 70,000 tons of pipe in a pipe rack 1.
The scope includes steel structure installation, mechanical and piping erection for the tankage and flare area, and the interconnection pipe rack and revamping areas.
The reduction in insulated pipe circumference typically creates dual benefits--reducing heat loss equal to up to 30 percent at equal touch temperatures and reducing the size of the pipe rack needed to carry the pipelines of up to 55 percent.
On January 16, contract employees were replacing a pipe rack in the chemical wash area of the plant.
Other bits of background clutter include a miner's lamp, a Mars bar, a pipe rack and an old Dansette record player perched on top of a cardboard box.