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the hollow stem of a pipe



1. the stem of a tobacco pipe.
2. something resembling this in slenderness, as an unusually thin arm or leg.
[1720–30, Amer.]
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For Eagle Speaker, some of the highlights were world champion hoop dancer, Eric Pipestem, who has worked with Cirque du Soleil, the Metis jigging of Kristen Acuna and the solo men's hand drum contest.
This unique single-family home, located on the first pipestem lot to be developed in Arlington County under a new special use permit process, features a living green roof and an advanced storm water management system.
Richard Salzer glabrata, 1991* Smooth, Cornus Pipestem SP, W.
Stonewall Jackson Lake, Twin Falls, and Pipestem Resort are other state parks that feature resort-style lodges and golf courses.
In the Scotch Doubles, Lawrence Campeau and Tina Roasting from Hobbema beat out John Pipestem Sr.
Some developers want sites visible from a thoroughfare, not, as one described, in a pipestem location.
They further agreed that a one-eighth pager would not have caused the flareup that had reduced my eyebrows to pipestem cleaners.
This year is dedicated to dance and some of the highlights include World Champion hoop dancer Arik Pipestem (of Cirque de Solei's Totem), Raven Spirit Dancer (Vancouver), Untitled|Collective (NYC), the second development of the contemporary dance piece, They Shoot Buffalo, Don't They?
This builds on the company's 2008 investment, in which AT&T Mobility turned on 34 new cell sites across the state that boosted coverage throughout Charleston, Tornado, Hamlin, Summersville, Buckhannon and Pipestem Resort.
gigas originated from selectively bred families (cohort 18 of the Molluscan Broodstock Program, HMSC), which were derived from naturally spawning populations in Willapa and Dabob Bays, WA, and Pipestem Inlet, British Columbia.