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A heat-hardened, compacted, red or pink clay stone used by Native American peoples for making tobacco pipes.


(Geological Science) a variety of consolidated red clay used by Native Americans to make tobacco pipes



a reddish argillaceous stone used by North American Indians for making tobacco pipes.
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As previously reported (news release May 9, 2017), Sage Gold has discovered and further modeled a new sediment zone (SED2) located 45 metres south of the Pipestone fault system.
However, I was also amazed at how many photos the album had of my ancestors' stay in Pipestone, Minnesota, where they camped for the night after a full day of driving--with another full day yet ahead.
Al and Barb Gilmore, rural Pipestone, Minnesota, brought eight of their Percherons, planning to demonstrate a 12-horse plow hitch prior to the world record event.
The sites discussed vary considerably from well known and highly accessible sites, like Jeffers and Pipestone, to less accessible and less well studied sites, like Indian Cave.
The sales office is located at 10022 Pipestone Street in Las Vegas.
Pipestone Quarry LLC has acquired the Pipestone Quarry, 20 miles east of Butte, Mont.
Merkel acquired a 16-acre piece of property on Pipestone Lake years ago after noticing it while fishing.
One of the highlights is the 2,000-year-old Fluman Effigy Pipe made of pipestone, depicting a deified ancestor or mythical hero.
Juhl Energy of Pipestone, MN provided development support services.
As Bill Morgan, a wartime child in Pipestone, Minnesota, recalled, "When our local butcher offered Mother a cut of sirloin steak--an item few people saw in those days--she refused to take it because, she said, 'I have three boys in the service.
This study helped validate that the virus was alive in the feed," Scott Dee, director of research for Pipestone Veterinary Clinic in Minnesota and lead author of the study, told Reuters.
Compared to Porcupine-Destor, Pipestone is even less explored.