piping hot

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1. A system of pipes, such as those used in plumbing.
2. Music
a. The act of playing on a pipe.
b. The music produced by a pipe when played.
3. A shrill, high-pitched sound.
4. A narrow tube of fabric, sometimes enclosing a cord, used for trimming seams and edges, as of slipcovers.
5. A tubular ribbon of icing on a pastry.
1. Music Playing on a pipe.
2. Having a high-pitched sound: the piping voices of children.
3. Tranquil; peaceful: "in this weak piping time of peace" (Shakespeare).
piping hot
Very hot: piping hot biscuits.
ساخِن جِدا
brændende varm
sjóîandi heitur
çok sıcakdumanı üstünde

piping hot

adj (food, water) → bollente


(paip) noun
1. a tube, usually made of metal, earthenware etc, through which water, gas etc can flow. a water pipe; a drainpipe.
2. a small tube with a bowl at one end, in which tobacco is smoked. He smokes a pipe; (also adjective) pipe tobacco.
3. a musical instrument consisting of a hollow wooden, metal etc tube through which the player blows or causes air to be blown in order to make a sound. He played a tune on a bamboo pipe; an organ pipe.
1. to convey gas, water etc by a pipe. Water is piped to the town from the reservoir.
2. to play (music) on a pipe or pipes. He piped a tune.
3. to speak in a high voice, make a high-pitched sound. `Hallo,' the little girl piped.
ˈpiper noun
a person who plays a pipe or pipes, especially the bagpipes.
pipes noun plural
bagpipes or some similar instrument. He plays the pipes.
ˈpiping noun
1. the act of playing a musical pipe or pipes.
2. (the act or process of conveying water, gas etc by means of) a length of pipe or number of pipes. lead piping; Piping the oil ashore will not be easy.
(of a sound) high-pitched. a piping voice.
pipe dream
an idea which can only be imagined, and which would be impossible to carry out. For most people a journey round the world is only a pipe dream.
ˈpipeline noun
a long line of pipes used for conveying oil, gas, water etc. an oil pipeline across the desert.
piping hot
very hot. piping hot soup.
References in classic literature ?
In truth, those who desired, according to the old adage, to sell anything valuable for a song, might find customers all over the Fair; and there were innumerable messes of pottage, piping hot, for such as chose to buy them with their birthrights.
In the middle of nowhere to suddenly walk into a place and get a piping hot pot of tea - it was a great reviver.
Cover and gently simmer for 15 minutes until turkey is piping hot.
If preferred, cook the day before and reheat until piping hot on the day.
The chaiwalla used to loan comic books and we used to sit at his stall and read comics for hours while we gorged on his homemade crispy mathis and piping hot chai.
Then wait a full minute and serve up so they're enjoyed at their piping hot best.
Coffee shop for sale in Atlanta high rise office building delivers the coffee piping hot just five days a week for breakfast and lunch.
For mains, the buffet features Arabic and Indian options, with shawarmas made fresh and naan and other breads served piping hot.
To supplement the caf, the children will also be selling piping hot sausage sandwiches before school to give parents and children alike a nice full and warm belly.
Both John and Akshay are known for their mad antics on the screen and this one, sure, will be piping hot.
However, both the HPA and the Food Standards Agency (FSA) stress that bean sprouts are safe to eat provided that they are washed and cooked until piping hot before consumption or are clearly labelled as ready-to-eat.