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also pip·i·strel  (pĭp′ĭ-strĕl′, pĭp′ĭ-strĕl′)
Any of various small insectivorous bats, especially of the genera Pipistrellus and Hypsugo, found throughout the world.

[French, from Italian pipistrello, bat, alteration of Old Italian vipistrello, from Latin vespertiliō; see vespertilionid.]
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Noun1.pipistrel - small European brown bat
vespertilian bat, vespertilionid - a variety of carnivorous bat
genus Pipistrellus, Pipistrellus - nearly cosmopolitan genus of very small bats
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Pipistrel Aircraft, the Slovenian manufacturer of fixed-wing microlights and light sport aeroplanes, has been given design and production approval by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).
The Extra 330LE was created in cooperation with Siemens, Extra Aircraft, MT-Propeller and Pipistrel (battery).
There are other such projects, including a serial hybrid being developed by Pipistrel Aircraft in Slovenia and Diamond Aircraft has its own hybrid project perking.
Pipistrel has a light-sport two-seat electric trainer that's bound to show up at U.
The intake list included 20 tawny owls, seven carrion crows, three sparrowhawks, seven wood pigeon, two jackdaws, two Canada geese, two dunnocks, two starlings, five feral pigeons, two black-black birds, two collared doves, three house martins, 11 herring gulls, a shelduck, kingfisher, woodpecker, blue tit, cormorant, gold-finch, magpie, mallard, rook, guillemot, fulmar, kestrel, black-headed gull, barn owls, pipistrel bats, a vole, a weasel, rabbits, a grey squirrel and 22 hedgehogs.
Pipistrel generated EUR 900,000 in net profit and increased the number of employees to a total of 80 last year reports Slovenia Times.
Pipistrel Pipistrel: Panthera to be available in 3 models.
seminolus * (7), Nycticeius humeralis * (2), Pipistrel subflavus * (1) Pitts' Cave (Wayne) Myotis austroriparius (5), P.
You don't need the night sight of a barn owl, the antennae of a pipistrel or the penetrating insight of a Sioux tracker, to realise that Liverpool are on a different stratosphere to Blues.
YOU don't need the night sight of a barn owl, the antennae of a pipistrel or the penetrating insight of a Sioux tracker to appreciate that the curtailment of the contract of the BBC's chief political correspondent, Robin Oakley, represents conduct on the tarnished side of shabby.
The Slovenian maker of ultralight aircraft, Pipistrel has announced that it has entered into a EUR 350m memorandum of understanding on a long-term joint venture with the Chinese Sino GA Group, a member of the Sino Group.
So when Pipistrel Aircraft, the innovative Slovenian company, announced last April at Aero that it was ready to deliver a functional electric trainer, it drew crowds of the curious.