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 (pē′kənt, -känt′, pē-känt′)
1. Pleasantly pungent or tart in taste; spicy.
2. Appealingly provocative; charming: a piquant wit; a piquant face.
3. Causing hurt feelings; stinging: "people with equally piquant opinions about obesity, appearance and American doublespeak about weight" (Virginia Heffernan).

[French, from Old French, present participle of piquer, to prick; see pique.]

pi′quan·cy, pi′quant·ness n.
pi′quant·ly adv.
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Adv.1.piquantly - with strong spices; in a spicy manner; "the soup was spicily flavored"
gómsætt; á spennandi hátt
ilginç/hoş bir şekildemayhoşça


[ˈpiːkəntlɪ] ADV (of taste) → con fuerza; (= interestingly, provocatively) → con chispa


(ˈpiːkənt) adjective
sharp in taste; appetizing. a piquant sauce; a piquant (= exciting or interesting) situation.
ˈpiquantly adverb
ˈpiquancy noun
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The trappings of the genre so piquantly described by Sara's mom are repeatedly interrogated in Collins's fiction.
This is however all that is extremely well known in the Levantine cuisine, but if you are keen on trying something slightly removed from the ordinary then order a chicken and mushroom Alayet (Dh27) - a sauteed dish made of onions, bell pepper and piquantly garnished with pomegranate (molasses as well as seed).
what Wallace Thurman so piquantly called the niggerati, as subverting
small krummhorns, held me reflecting, piquantly charmed
28) The woodcut illustration shows, piquantly, a bell-bedecked morris dancer, alongside an image of a man being led away by the Devil.
The ritual repetitions of "Anaphora" lead Carter to the agitated (Allegro agitato) repetitions of "Argument," the "gentle battleground" of two lovers kept apart by "Days and Distances"--the "facts" of separation that "argue, argue, argue with me / endlessly" (the arguing piquantly rendered by four angry bongo drums).
The Russian writer Boris Pelevin piquantly remarked on the hollow sense of disappointment that followed when the truth about the cosmonauts finally became known; as a youth, Pelevin eagerly speculated about the contents of the mysterious titanium suitcases that cosmonauts took into their capsules, only to learn later that they contained the excrement they produced in space.
bonding: between a woman and man, between woman and infant, but most piquantly between woman and her body.
Again, Barley's easy, relaxed bowing, shape of phrasing and deft fingerwork were much to the fore, and what a piquantly quirky end to the fugue
The serialization of Stacie Ponder's piquantly funny strip RPG at the bottom of every page is a good example.
In its simultaneous aggrandizement of distance and proximity, the double bind of real time simulation is nowhere more piquantly radicalized than in climate modeling, a computational science of imagined time scales requiring massive inputs of computing power.
Puhvel piquantly translates daganzipas as "critters of the soil.