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1. A canoe made by hollowing out a tree trunk; a dugout.
2. A flatbottom sailing boat with two masts. Also called periauger.

[Spanish, from Carib.]


(pɪˈrɑːɡwə; -ˈræɡ-)
another word for pirogue
[C17: via Spanish from Carib: dugout canoe]
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The next day, our boat, the Piragua out of Pacific Fins Resort & Marina, raised four blue marlin, landing one.
When I boarded a piragua boat in the Amazon I had two boxes, a canvas bag, and a cardboard carrier where I kept my drawings," he said.
Miguel Luciano's Pimp my Piragua (2008), a playful musical pushcart, serves inexpensive snow cones that would be an extravagance during a global meltdown.
LA PIRAGUA 176 Upper Street, N1 (0171 354 2843) Angel tube.
com and on YouTube), Broadway stars like Matthew Morrison of South Pacific, Allison Janney of the coming 9-5 the Musical and Cheyenne Jackson of Xanadu competed to become the next piragua vendor on In The Heights.