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1. A canoe made by hollowing out a tree trunk; a dugout.
2. A flatbottom sailing boat with two masts. Also called periauger.

[Spanish, from Carib.]


(pɪˈrɑːɡwə; -ˈræɡ-)
another word for pirogue
[C17: via Spanish from Carib: dugout canoe]
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and attendees are invited to join them for free piraguas, family games, snacks and to create a community work of art.
Andreas Weigelt, general director of Aventuras Piraguas based in Cuernavaca, specializes in outdoor training.
Today, the elegant sailing piraguas have disappeared, gone the way of so many things that are beautiful, slow, and inefficient--first outfitted with motors for speed and reliability, and then made obsolete by the 1962 construction of the Lake Maracaibo bridge.
Some of the commercials promote cold coffee -- in the form of piraguas, or snow cones -- at special events.
The chigger and black fly made deep welts rise, in piraguas and balsas against the currents they poled, water casks broken, abandoned, islanded, fevers of the swamp chilled their bloated bodies, from brackish waters drank while in the bush the bushmaster waited.
where attendees are encouraged to enjoy free piraguas, family games, snacks and to create a community work of art.
The intrepid group hiked through dense temperate rain forests and sailed in sturdy piraguas made by their native guides, but the magical City of the Cesars proved elusive.
Much more successful were the piraguas of the Carib Indians, dugouts hollowed from huge trees, large enough to carry 100 men.
When a powerful force of Cumanaians arrived at the island in piraguas, they found eight ships loading salt.
Gregory and Gladys Rosa, who run the Chupito's Piraguas shaved ice pushcart, said they would like the city to take another look at the food truck ordinance because it affects what they can do, too.